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Yoovi POS

Yoovi ERP is a one stop solution for small business, retail shops.

Yoovi ERP comes with lots of features out-of-box. You get most of the features needed by small & Medium sized businesses to simplify the time-consuming task of accounting & inventory management and instead focus on what really matters – Your Business

Every business comes with a unique set of challenges and operational logistics. That is why Yoovi ERP is specifically tailored to to fit business pain points by providing frictionless and biggest leverage for your operations. With Yoovi ERP, you keep record of every sale made and the time it was made, keep records of which customer bought what and how much they paid. Know at a glance your current stock for each product in your warehouse and stores and shops and many more.


Product Features

Multiple Shops/Warehouses

Set up multiple businesses in the application with Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.

Contacts (Customer & Suppliers)

View details of transactions and total of Credit/Debit balance amount with a contact. Get payment alerts.

Stock/Inventory Management

Improved & Intelligent Product Variations System. Also get stock alerts on low stocks.


Yoovi provides a simplified interface for selling products. Customise invoice and choose different payment option.


Easily add purchase orders and purchases. Manage paid & due purchases and get notified of due purchases before the pay date.


Get your balance sheet statement, trial balance and Profit/loss statement. Also Manage your expenses.

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