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Bulk SMS

Helping you reach your customers, partners and employees instantly.

YooVi Bulk SMS Solution allows you to securely and cost-effectively communicate with your audience – customers, partners and employees in a cost-effective manner via SMS across all networks.

  • Import phone or address book from text files
  • Schedule your SMS so it goes out to your audience at your set time.
  • Save template of messages for regular use
  • Personalize Sender IDs, so your audience know the message is coming from your business
  • Generate reports of the SMS sent.

Benefits for you and your business

Our Bulk SMS solution provides an affordable alternative to communicate with your customers whilst also equipping you with reporting tools to know how the number of customers reached.
The solution ensures a real-time push of the SMS, meaning it reaches your target audience exactly when you want it to. With our enhanced scheduling system, you can schedule SMSs to reach customers at your preferred time.
The portal has been designed to make it easy to use and navigate.
We operate with the highest security standards. With advanced spamming filters, you can be rest assured we use the most secure and direct routes to fulfil your SMS communications.
You will be able to pull real-time transaction reports and end-to-end message tracking and monitoring
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